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El-Supply - Electrical components for Variable Power Supply

Business Policy

El-Supply has since 1984 supplied electrical components for mobile power supply to the manufacturing industry. Our in-house manufacturing combined with the fact that we represent manufacturers from all over the world with long experience and solid competence make us unique. A close collaboration with our suppliers and customers gives us great opportunities to adapt our products according to the customer’s needs and high demands, as well as achieve our own goals. Our efficient production with short decision paths makes us great at quick changes. This means that we can offer our customers products with the right quality and economy at the right time.

With a long-term commitment and great customer focus where the employees feel involved and curious about business and technology, customers experience innovative solutions, as well as working with financially stable companies makes us successful.

Through an open and outspoken dialogue between employees and management, we believe that we have a creative and positive environment that allows for suggestions for improvement and further education.

Our vision is to run our business in an environmentally sound way, to protect the environment by supporting the ecocycle, reducing resource consumption, preventing contamination, continually improving and minimizing potentially harmful environmental impacts from our operations. As travel forms the basis of our business, we work to reduce our environmental impact, as far as possible, by planning customer and supplier visits as well as replacing car journeys with travels by train.

We undertake to fulfill the binding and applicable requirements placed on our operations.

Work Environment Policy

At El-Supply we see good health as an asset. Regular monitoring of the work environment and health is an important part of our business to achieve efficiency and quality. We see it as a profitable investment for the future, where high job motivation and low sickness absence are the direct profits.

Work environment development includes all activities and our employee’s overall work situation, taking into account both physical, mental and social aspects. For El-Supply, we actively work to minimize the risks of injuries, accidents and incidents, and work with activities that promote employee health, job satisfaction and efficiency.

  • Work environment development is carried out systematically and preventively through follow-up of legal and regulatory requirements, identification of risks, long-term planning and, if necessary, immediate action.
  • Working environment issues are dealt with transparently and relevant employees are given the opportunity for good insight and information. Comments and experiences in the field of health and safety are taken into account.
  • Work environment improvement is done through active cooperation between managers and employees. Everyone can influence their work environment.

As a co-worker, you are expected to

  • Follow applicable rules and instructions.
  • Take personal responsibility for the work environment and health in the daily work and actively contribute to eliminating risks.
  • Continuously improve the work environment.
  • Show consideration for your employees to promote a good work environment.

In addition to your responsibility as an employee, you are expected as a manager

  • Take responsibility for identifying risks and continuously improve the work environment.
  • Ensure that employees are aware of risks and have sufficient skills and information to ensure that the work is done safely and in a good working environment.

El-Supply management undertakes to follow up the application of this policy as well as work to realize its intentions.

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